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La Piu Bella Serata Della Mia Vita

Guest blog post from Serge Fabergé

This week's update is in the name of style. All this muddy denim, beards and leather associated with motorcycles is butchly fabulous, but once in a while our continental friends remind us of other alternatives. Personally the alternative of a decent suit and Alberto Sordi's panache seems a very good option, and it apparently puts one in the orbit of svelte lovelies clad in skin tight low cut shiny leatherette which to be honest is the aim for any given day. Put said sleek shiny lovely on a Suzuki GT750 with a headlamp/mirror set up any aspiring Mod would appreciate and an all black full face helmet and it can barely be improved on. Unless of course you have a '71 Maserati to keep up with the female force and an excellent analog synth soundtrack to it all, then it's perfect.

The cinematic romp this comes from is 1972's 'La Piu Bella Serata Della Mia Vita', which translates as 'The Best Afternoon Of My Life' ( it doesn't end well for Alberto as he's a crooked Italian businessman attempting a tax dodge in Switzerland) and our motorcycling heroine is Swedish actress Janet Agren, and for a few minutes at least all is right with the world.


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