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Kustomfest Flat Track, Indonesia

Guest post from Chandra, Frontwheel Motors, Indonesia

The third year of flat track racing in Indonesia which was organized by Kustomfest, and saw the enthusiasm of riders and attendees from various regions who gathered to try and hone their skills on an oval track. Measuring approximately 200 metres with a sand texture, it was certainly a challenge for racers.

Flat track culture is still relatively new in Indonesia, but as time goes by many garages build motorbikes for flat track. At this event we were mentored by Cheetah and Masa Komazaki from Have Fun Flat Track Japan.

Together we learned several techniques. I was using a Honda Tiger 220 engine in a Kawasaki KLX frame wrapped in an aluminum body (above). I took part in several classes at the event, one of which was the 150-250cc 4-stroke class and got 2nd place out of the many participants. I passed the QTT. Maybe the flat track culture in Indonesia is more like Japan in that the type of motorbike, style and circuits follow the standards there.


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Oct 30, 2023

Looked like fun... Well done Kustomfest.

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