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Kolby Carlile into Production Twins

The AFT season starts in just under two weeks (yes, a Thursday), and seats are still being filled. It seemed likely that Kolby Carlile was leaving the Estenson team, when Dallas Daniels promoted from Estenson's Singles programme to SuperTwins, but we hadn't seen an announcement confirming Carlile's movements, until today.

Kolby is going to be racing a Harley XG750R, supported by Las Vegas Harley-Davidson in the Production Twins class.

He had a solid, if unremarkable 2021 season, on the Estenson Yamaha in SuperTwins, finishing 8th of 12 regular riders in the class, while his teammate, JD Beach, was fifth. The previous time Carlile had a full season in Production Twins he was third overall on the Yamaha.

He says, 'I am really excited for this season to begin as I have so many new things going into this year. After breaking my leg, I was almost ready to quit and focus on college. My best friend pretty much talked me into this whole program, and I know that we are going to have a lot of fun, and that brings success.

'I went out and bought my own Harley-Davidson XG750R, and we also got support from Las Vegas Harley-Davidson as our title sponsor for the year... to represent them is quite an honour.

'My leg – and my fitness more generally – are coming along, but four months off the bike and out of the gym have been tough. Good and bad, I have been through the process of rebuilding my left leg before so I know what it takes to get back to strong. Between building fitness and getting comfortable on the Harley, it should prove to be both a fun and interesting year of development.'

The AFT season opener is a double-header at Volusia, FL, Thursday 10, Friday 11 March.


If you like the look of Kolby's XG750R, we published a three bike section on the XG750 covering Jarod Vanderkooi's factory bike, an Evo version that had a factory chassis, but a stock engine and was going to be raced in the UK (but it didn't pan out), and also a street tracker Street Rod (that shares the 'same' engine). It was all in Sideburn 39, that is available to buy individually or as part of the three-issue bundle.

You could also spice up your life with a Dallas skate deck.


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