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It's better to live...

...a lap as a lion than a lifetime as a lamb.

Thanks to Bill from Canada for reminding us of his one and only lap of Dirt Quake USA, held at the famous Castle Rock track in Washington state. These were not just the wildest motorcycle events we've had a hand in organising, they were the wildest events I've ever attended. GI

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Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
Dec 21, 2020

Dirt Quake, the original and the N.A. version, inspired so much in this... what is it? A subculture? Lifestyle? Addiction? Sickness??? Anyway, one lap can be big medicine. Picture it, the first road race of the 1961 season. 200 fast miles at Daytona! #84, Larry Williamson grabs the hole shot and leaps out front to lead the incredibly stacked field all the way through the green flag as thousands of astonished fans cheer him on... just before #55 Roger Reiman passes him, and leads the rest of the way to the checkers. But Larry still has every right to be proud of that first lap. Stand tall Bill from Canada! You're in good company.

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