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Indian eFTR

Industrial designer, John Mcinnis, is one of the main men behind the Sideburn 40 Blatant Moto electric racer cover bike (and cover shoot), and got in touch with this rendering of his take on an electric version of the Indian FTR750. This is what he says:

This bike is still a work in progress but I've had the battery and frame structure in my head for a couple weeks now and needed to get into sketch and then CAD. 

The electric flat track motorcycle as an idea has been in my head since I was at Alta, so when I heard about Indian trademarking 'eFTR', the gears in my head started spinning! The FTR750 is simply a gorgeous example of a modern flat track motorcycle, a true modern classic. I'm not saying I've necessarily done it with this model just yet, but I would love to see that design thinking and especially those proportions carried over to an electric variant. I've modeled this guy with a big motor, initial gear-type reduction, into a belt reduction, and ultimately into a belt final drive. The thought here being that fine tuning the gearing could be achieved very quickly with swapping belt sprockets on the primary, rather than having to pull the rear wheel (would need to add a slack adjuster to the primary belt for this to be feasible). All theoretical and all just for fun. John

Your more engineering savvy readers will likely be able to poke holes in the gear reduction idea, but like I said, it's just for fun. Here's a close up.


See more of his work at his instagram @john_d_mcinnis


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