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How To Build A Motorcycle

I wrote a book. Adi Gilbert illustrated. It's available everywhere that sells books (I'm guessing), but if you order from us you:

A. Will be supporting an independent.

B. Will get a signed copy.

C. Can ask for the author (that's me) to write a message inside, up to 25-words, leave the message in the comments box when you order.

Here is a review by Storik Atelier, a design studio and consultancy who build some of the most beautiful custom bikes in the world.

'I wish I had resources like this when I first started building motorcycles. It is full of inspiration, technically sound advice, everything you need to know to have fun building your own projects from start to finish. It is also filled with great advice from some friendly faces in the industry.

'This book called "How To Build A Motorcycle" is beautifully produced by Laurence King Publishing, with wise words meticulously written by Gary Inman from @sideburnmag and filled with beautiful illustrations from @adi_gilbert. [...a] gem of a work.'

Here's the publisher's blurb.

How to Build a Motorcycle leads you through all the key stages – from initially finding the right project for your skill level, to sourcing a base bike and safely taking on some full-on bike-building tasks. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions, proper advice and specially commissioned step-by-step illustrations throughout it is an ideal aid to getting your hands oily. Written by Gary Inman, the co-founder of independent motorcycle magazine Sideburn, and illustrated by Adi Gilbert who is best known for his bicycle and motorcycle drawings whose clients include Harley-Davidson, Guy Martin, Wired magazine, Sideburn magazine and Nike, this is a must-have for all motorcycle lovers.

Read this book, even dip in and out where relevant. If it makes sense, schedule some time, clear your mind, pull on some old clothes, grab your toolbox and get going. The chapters in How to Build a Motorcycle will tell you how to complete a huge variety of tasks that will allow even the greenest of novices to get their hands dirty and start modifying with purpose. If you belong to this camp, start with some of the low-input, high-reward jobs, such as fitting bars, swapping the rear shocks or wiring in a new tail light. Even though these require relatively little work, they’ll transform the look of your bike, and completing them will fill you with confidence to undertake the more difficult jobs, such as fitting more modern front forks or even making your own frame.

The book comes with a glossy 32-page section on finished bikes and is a reference and the perfect gift for all enthusiasts, from those who merely like to tinker, to riders taking on a full build.

Hardback 192 pages 300 illustrations Size: 230 x 167 mm


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