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Honda CB125M

During a clean up of my computer photo files I found some screenshots of this neat concept than was shown at EICMA in 2018 with the oh-so boringly Honda monicker of CB125M. The photos are 18 months old now, but the design is still doing it for me, so I thought I'd share it.

At the time it really caught my eye. Sure, it's more supermoto than street tracker, but Sideburn isn't afraid of straying out of its lane. The 125M's has a modern, almost aggressive look, but far more together than many of Kawasaki's or Yamaha's edgy road bike designs.

The red CB125M has a mini-adventure bike sibling, the CB125X. Now Honda have registered the designs with the patent office, the next step towards them becoming production bikes. While they are concepts, they look very 'productionable' (I made that word up). The rear wheels would need those sticky out brackets to mount the plate and cover more of the rear wheel. The red one needs a front mudguard. They both need indicators and mirrors. Isn't it funny that concept bikes hardly ever have those necessities rather than trying to incorporate them into the overall design?

Both were designed at Honda's Rome design HQ by Project Leader, Valerio Aiello, who was also in charge of the Honda CB1100TR street tracker concept we featured in Sideburn 29.

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Jun 04, 2020

Dig! Both of these bikes look cool as can be, through my lens. Love it!

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