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Happy (now)

This photo gets an incredible amount of reactions when it appears. Sideburn first posted it to try find out who the rider and photographer was, as it had appeared on instagram with no credit or details (like so much does). Comments told us both. Number 32 is Kyle Long, and the photographer was Dave Hoenig of Flat Trak Fotos, who we'd been dealing with for a while.

Deputy Ed, Mick tracked down Kyle Long and interviewed him, and Flat Trak Fotos sent the whole sequence of shots, that we published in the current issue, Sideburn 48. Kyle recently received his issue and sent us this email...

I just received the magazine. Your Interview and layouts are outstanding work! I did have a Sideburn subscription my wife got me a couple years ago, I will renew it. I forgot how sweet the pictures and articles are! You guys are giving out real insight on the flat track racing life. I love the interview with Georgie Price. I came up the pro ranks with him, and Mr. Smooth Jason Fletcher. I love this magazine #48, and not just because you ran the article on me... I probably could have done without that crash. Keep up the good work

Thank You

Kyle Long


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