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French Flat Track Champs

This from Wilfried Delestre, who could be seen in the photo above on his Indian FTR1200 and also hustling the Brough Superior hooligan in Sideburn 41.

I will start with the history of the Flat Track Championship in France.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the Short Track appeared. MX bikes with MX tyre on the front wheel and Trial or Speedway tyre on the rear wheel, with only 4 or 6 riders during the Grass Track or Speedway events.

In 2016, the Short Track championship became the Flat Track championship but it was a mix between Grass, Dirt and Speedway tracks, sometimes with MX tyres, sometimes with Flat Track tyres.

2017 was the first year with Flat Track tyres for all, without grass tracks on the championship, only Speedway or Dirt tracks.

Until 2018, only one class. But there were more and more riders, with modern or vintage bikes. So in 2019, there were 2 classes, Pro Class and Open Class with still more riders.

2020 was the year to develop the French Flat Track Championship with more classes and events 100% Flat Track (exit Speedway and Grass Track), with 4 rounds in Tayac, Morizès, La Réole and Brissac.

Due to the Covid, it was more complicated for some Moto Clubs, to postpone or organize. Only two events for this year, the round 1 in Tayac (Dirt Track), August 2nd and the round 2 in La Réole (Speedway Track), August 22nd.

New classes for 2020 championship:

Dirtbike: MX bikes.

Tracker: Prototype until 750cc.

Powerbike: Bi-twins, minimum 650cc until 1200cc.

New classes outside the championship:



Two perfect meetings with a great weather, great battles, a good atmosphere and no big injuries. Some riders discovered the motorcycle competition, others changed discipline and others rode Flat Track for the first time in many years. Some riders ride for the win, others have fun, it was the real motorcycle spirit!

Three new French Flat Track Champions in 2020:


1st / Sébastien JEANPIERRE, 450cc Kawasaki.

2nd / Kevin SALANOVA, 250cc Honda.

3rd / Damien BOMAIS, 450cc Husqvarna.


1st / Stéphane MEZARD, 600cc CCM Motorcyle.

2nd / Nicolas WINTERBERGER, 500cc Honda.

3rd/ Stéphane GOYFFON, 450cc Cobuilt.


1st / Wilfried DELESTRE, 1200cc Indian Motorcycle.

2nd / Philippe BERGERON, 1200cc Harley Davidson.

3rd / Thomas BEUILLE, 800cc Ducati.

We hope to continue in this way, maybe with new classes or with new tracks, in the next years. A lot of riders didn’t ride this year due to the Covid, but they’re all motivated for 2021.

Big thanks to the Track Commission of the French Motorcycle Federation, to Motoblouz the main sponsor of this season, and Charles (BMCI) for the trophies.

See you in 2021 for new adventures!!

Photos: Fabian Rolland

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02 sept 2020

harr.j I’m not certain, as I’m not familiar.

Me gusta

02 sept 2020

Are these guys a different organisation to the Vintage Racing Spirit gang that also promote races in France?

Me gusta

01 sept 2020

French flat track! German flat track! British, Italian, Dutch, and Spanish flat track! My ‘Safe European Home...’

Me gusta
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