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SOLD: Yamaha TTR125 Minibike

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Yamaha TTR125 Minibike

Electric start model (starter motor fitted but not wired-in)

Bought from a fellow DTRA competitor last year but not used since. Well, one lap of the garden to determine that a new clutch was needed.

Apparently the bike was fully rebuilt by Sportrax Racing for one for the junior class competitors. There are no invoices to support this, just the graphics and pitlane chat. The barrel and head appear to be later than the rest of the engine, so the story seems to stack up.

Starts and runs well without smoke or nasty noises. Not tested on track or over any distance.

The good bits.

  • New EBC clutch kit, chain and sprocket, grips, rear brake shoes and quality engine oil.

  • Nearly new tyres

  • Kill switch fitted

The not so good bits.

  • There’s a very small weep from the gear selector shaft, which is only noticeable when the bike is on the side stand. Approx 50ml dripped out of it in 9 months left standing. The seal will require replacement to rectify fully.

  • The air filter inner cage is missing. These are on backorder with Yamaha, about £25 and a 4 week wait. But there’s a McGyver solution in the meantime.

  • There’s also a creative spring setup for the side stand. It works fine and you’d probably want to remove the stand for racing anyway.

  • The rear mudguard is cracked near the seat. Proving that the clutch now works.

The bike will be at the Malle Mile THIS WEEKEND 23rd & 24th July and will be sold. Can WhatsApp a video of it being started/running.

£995 ono (discount for Sideburn subscribers/DTRA members)


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