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For Sale: Staracer Triumph chassis

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New STARACER for Triumph Unit Twin.

Frame, SwingArm, rear axle, Chain Adjusters, steering head bearings and races, engine plates, brake plate, complete with hardware, bushings and spacers, ready to ship for immediate delivery. $3000 plus shipping.

Why build a Staracer? Because it is the third generation of improvements behind Sonic Weld and a Trackmaster built by the original craftsman since 1972. These frames feature many advantages such as independent foot pegs and brake plate independent from the engine plates, oil in frame design, integral tank mount and much more. Legendary handling with conveniences that make these frames the finest to build or race. Wide swing arm to accommodate larger rims and tires and optional TT Street foot peg brackets for the ultimate streetracker. And the best reason, Factory Support where I can help you with assembly, set up and raceability and can provide you with almost every accessory you’ll need to build this bike correctly, wheels, brakes, inner fenders, fender braces and much more. Contact me if you have any questions or to arrange purchase and shipping, domestic or international.


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