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For Sale: Lazer Death BSA

Reader ad. Maxwell Paternoster is selling his iconic Lazer Death. We featured this bike back in Sideburn 9 (very limited stock of this back issue are available)

BSA "Lazer Death" BSA M20 frame. 1955 on v5 BSA B33 engine. High compression Piston Lightened Flywheel, polished conrod (possibly ZB34) Goldstar type cams 65-1891 exhaust 65-2442 inletinlet valve B34 type 65-1632 Goldie type mag drive pinion Triumph clutch Lightened rocker arms

Porting carried out on inlet by Scholar Engines. I can provide a Dynamo also and some spare parts.

It's been in loads of exhibitions and some books and stuff tho and the engine is "Hot"

£6000 OBO

Located in London.


We have a few Sideburn x Maxwell Paternoster products in our shop: art print, mug, patch and pin badge.


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