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For Sale: Sideburn's Honda 650 Flat Tracker

You are viewing Sideburn's own Honda 650, race-winning sand racer that has been refreshed and converted to flat track spec and is ready to race*.

This 650 is an affordable way to get into the sport, suitable to race in the DTRA's Thunderbike class, and a 'skills' class (so Rookie, Inter or Pro, meaning you can race two classes at one race meeting with one bike). Obviously it is also suitable for the Scunthorpe and Rye House championships.

This bike has been improved an tweaked over several seasons and has a tuned, reliable motor. This engine is as powerful as most Rotaxs racing in the UK and has some very tasty parts in it and with the right rider has Thunderbike podium potential.

At the end of the sand racing season it had a couple of cracked brackets, which have been replaced, and then has undergone a lot more improvements since then. It was on the podium in the Unlimited Road Bike class at the last Mablethorpe Sand race of 2020. The bike didn't have a brake, now it has a brand new Honda CRF450 caliper, brand new disc and disc bolts and the swingarm modified by Co-Built to take the CRF450 caliper hanger.

It is half the price, or less, than people are asking for modified CCM road bikes converted to a similar spec.


Honda 650 (Dominator/SLR650 with kickstart bottom end conversion)

Brand new old stock head at beginning of 2018-19 season. Tuned by Pikes Peak class winner Travis Newbold.

Wiseco forged piston

Kibbelewhite valves and springs

Web cam

Co-Built stainless exhaust

ProX conrod kit (fitted four race meetings ago)

Mikuni carb

Ignitech DCCDI ignition


Honda SLR650 frame, converted to twin shock

Honda CB250 front end

Hagon shocks

Same wheelbase as a Wood Rotax framer


Renthal bars

Powder coated XL185 tank (straight, no filler)

LiPo battery

Maxxis DTR-1 tyres

19in rims

Honda CRF450 rear brake

K&N air filter

Lanyard killswitch


Venhill clutch cable

Venhill throttle cable (not pictured)

HRC-style brake fluid reservoir eliminator (not pictured)

Renthal rear sprocket


Front and rear wheel bearings

Rear caliper and pads (brand new, not from a breaker's)

Rear disc

Disc bolts

Fork seals


Oil and filter

Sideburn alloy side number plates (powder coated white)

£2350. No offers.

Email sideburnmag @ if you're interested.

* The bike is fitted with Maxxis DTR-1s so check with the race series to plan to compete with ensure the tyres are allowed for the class you plan to enter.


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