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UPDATE - For Sale: Estenson FTR750

This Indian FTR750 appeared on a facebook marketplace for sale yesterday, posted by an Estenson mechanic and former national racer, Brandon Bergen.

The price is $53,000 (£41,750, €46,500), but maybe you could haggle down to $50K.

It doesn't give many details in description, but perhaps this is the bike Jake Johnson won the Buffalo TT and came third at Peoria at in the 2018 season (when Estenson allowed Jake to swap between the Yamahas the team is more linked to and an Indian in their colours). But it might just be a spare from that period. Ronnie Jones also made AFT mains on an Estenson FTR750.

UPDATE: We asked Estenson Racing and it's not the one Jake Johnson won Buffalo Chip on.

Comes with spares. Here's the link to the ad.

Thanks to Ross for the tip-off.


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