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SOLD: 1957 Simson AWO Sport 350

1957 Simson AWO Sport - 350 ccm - Flat Track / Dirt Track / Vintage Cross Construction year 1957 in East Germany Engine capacity 350 cc

Output 23 hp

4-speed gearbox I am selling my Simson AWO off-road sport with a 350 cc engine. Technically top. Lots of power, good handling and great sound. For FlatTrack, classic moto cross and dirt track races. The parts required for the conversion for the respective conditions (tires, rims, etc.) are included in the package (photos are in dirt track trim). Description: AWO Sport, built in 1957 without papers for FlatTrack, enduro, off-road or sand track races with: - Optimized fork (MZ, incl. stronger spring for motocross) incl. aluminum fenders - restored / overhauled cardan - restored / overhauled gearbox - Restored / overhauled engine (350 ccm, head including valves optimized, flywheel and clutch optimized, electronic 12V ignition "Powerdynamo" (ignition and electricity independent / engine also runs without battery) - restored / overhauled carburetor (30 mm, optimized for engine) - restored / overhauled front and rear wheel All work on the drive train, electronics and chassis is carried out by specialist workshops. incl. spare / conversion parts (see photos): - 1 front wheel 18 inches complete including hub and brake with tires (FlatTrack) - 1 rear wheel 18 inches complete including hub / bearings with tires (FlatTrack) - 1 piece of rear wheel tire 18 inches (FlatTrack / Enduro) - 1 front wheel 21 inches complete including hub / bearings with tires (Motocross) - 1 piece of rear tire (motocross) (mounted are front wheel 23 inches and rear wheel 18 inches (dirt track / speedway) - Shock absorbers for vintage cross - two rear fenders Delivery in and around Berlin is also possible on request. Ask? Ask! I also have many other spare parts, including: - 3 pieces of ignition magnets (work) - 2 pieces of replacement cardan: 1 x restored / overhauled (unused), 1 x used (works) incl. various parts - 1 gearbox used (works) with attachments (gear lever, kick starter etc.) - 1 carburetor (BVF, 28 mm) with 2 float chambers (movable / adjustable) - 1 carburetor (Dell'Orto, 28 mm) with AWO connection - 1 alternator used (works) - 1 ignition coil (works) - 1 regulator, original (works) - 1 regulator Powerdynamo (works) - 1 ignition lock (works) - 1 piece of engine block - 1 cylinder head (restored / overhauled: including new valves and aerodynamically processed for 350 ccm) - etc.

... just contact me if you have any questions, I´ll send pictures of the parts if you are interested.

€5500 o.n.o. Located in 14482 Brandenburg - Potsdam (near Berlin) - Germany


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