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Flat Track Fite Klub Pay-Per-View - UPDATE


The halting of world racing is forcing promotion companies and riders to think outside the box. Seven-time Grand National champion, Chris Carr, contacted us last week to say he was going to be part of Flat Track Fite Klub, an interesting project that will see many of flat track's biggest names go head-to-head for a livestream audience.

The list of riders includes...

Chris Carr

Scott Parker

Jay Springsteen

Joe Kopp

Jared Mees

Bryan Smith

Sammy Halbert

Multi-discipline phenom Ryan Sipes

The event takes place on Tuesday 9 June at 8:30 p.m. EST/5:30 p.m. PST (early hours of the morning of 10 June in Europe). All the riders will be racing Bultaco Astros in, we understand, two-rider, head-to-head competition. The Astro Cup racing community is supplying the 360cc two-strokes and riders will select their bike by picking a number out of a hat to avoid favouritism.

Seeing these differing generations of legends on Astros will be a draw in itself. While they will all have two-stroke experience one of these riders are famous for racing strokers, though Springer and Parker won on Harley two-strokes between 1977 and 1982. Chris writes, 'Jay Springsteen and Scott Parker both have won Grand National races two-strokes. Jay at the Houston ST in 1977, 1981, and 1982 and Scott at Santa Fe ST in 1980. Both were on Harley-Davidson MX250-powered short trackers. They will be the only two riders, to have ever raced 2 strokes in GNC racing, and are the oldest participants.'

The venue is being kept secret to avoid fans arriving and affecting lockdown rules, but it's a quarter-mile short track.

The company running the event made its name with boxing and wrestling pay-per-views and ran a high-profile MotoX 'Fite Klub' feed recently. If the match-ups are close it could be wild. If not, it is likely to be less of a spectacle. Is some of the wrestling 'theatrics' going to come into play to make it look more authentic?

Chris Carr says, 'Our goal is to entertain. Ego and pride from each rider will ooze. This group of riders, on Bultaco Astros, in this event format, should produce some great battles between champions from five different decades.'

The pay-per-view price is region specific, but, we're told $19.99 in the US, £9.99 in the UK (please check by following the link below). The pre-race 'round table' with the riders, shown exactly 24 hours before, is free.

The event is also supporting flat track charity organisation, Rookies of 79. giving viewers chances to bid for signed items during the race.

To order click Flat Track Fite Klub

Photo: Bert Shepard


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