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First ever SuperHooligan race, November 2015.

Ed Subias, above, is a regular Sideburn contributor, he shot Jarod Vanderkooi's factory H-D XG750R and interviewed Terry Vance for Sideburn 39. He remembers the first ever Superhooligan race.

Las Vegas. The night Hooligan racing jumped the shark, we just didn't know it yet. I failed to make it out of my heat race and into the main so decided to let loose. A few of us did in fact, upsetting the nearby pit entourage that was with Roger Lee Hayden who was participating in the ill-fated Superprestigio that was supposed to be the headliner that weekend along with the finale for the AMA Flat Track Championship. The Hooligan race portion ended up being the belle of the ball. It was just the beginning and the end for a movement that was barely two years old.

Photo: Ryan Loughridge


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