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Finished Build Train Race Bikes

We posted the introduction to the Royal Enfield Build Train Race program earlier this week, and photos of the finished bikes have now been released.

The women in the challenge could all attract their own sponsors to supply parts, like S&S for bike 31 - Jillian Deschenes' bike and 13, below, Melissa Paris's bike. Jillian is the only bike to change from the stock tank.

Ohlins forks and shocks too...

Photographer Lanakila's bike is probably the least modified, but on those alloy 19in still looks tasty. Hers and the bike below have two-into-two S&S slip-on pipes.

This is Andrea's from Canadian, motorbike shop, DIY bike workshop, Moto Revere.

The bikes were supposed to race today at Flat Out Friday, but the event was postponed. This is the list of remaining races.

AFT Atlanta - 28 March

SuperHooligans, Austin - 4 April

AFT So-Cal, Perris - 9 May

AFT Laconia - 13th June

Find out loads more and watch videos introducing all the riders at Royal Enfield BUILD TRAIN RACE


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