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Feels Like Sunday

I've only heard good things about Sunday mini flat trackers. I first saw Freddy Trott and his son, Freddy Trott, riding them in the UK, then Dimitri Coste, later Rebels Alliance used them for their inner-city Rat Race and now an increasing number of US pro racers are using them as practice bikes. So... Sideburn got one.

I'm in that period I've described before, the between season lull where optimism outweighs realism, where every future weekend is free and sunny and I practice more than ever and hit the season riding better and stronger. I've been doing this long enough to know it is nothing more than a mirage, but perhaps this little bike will encourage me to do more practice sessions and improve my mid-corner ability and everything else that this 48-year-old happy amateur wishes he was better at.

Below is an a Sunday customised in the US, but David in Florida. Neat, eh?

Find out more, go to Sunday Motors


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