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Electric Speedway

Michael Riis of electric bike start-up, Switch, is looking to develop electric speedway. We're not sure how the very conservative sport will take to it, but it would solve problems with noise pollution making it difficult for some tracks to operate, and it could also make it more cost efficient for racers who face very regular rebuilds on their methanol-burning 500 single engines. We are all too aware the move to electric racebikes is going to have to be motivated by more than saving a few £1000 on engines rebuilds. A whole cultural shift is required, and it's got to be motivated by either a race series offering decent prize money for an electric class, or the banning of petrol motors. The Isle of Man TT has been running an electric class since 2009, and with the exception of the Honda-backed Mugen and pre-Indian Polaris/Victory having a go for a year or two, it's hasn't caught large manufacturers attention. But surely a change has to come soon. New petrol vehicles days seem to be numbered.

Switch say Riis is...

'Leading the way in European electric speedway! SWITCH is very much an innovative global company with research, design, development & manufacturing happening all around the world. The majority of work is split between our three main hubs in Aarhus (Denmark), Shanghai (China) and Hamilton (NZ). The SWITCH factory is also in New Zealand. Exciting New Zealand factory announcements coming soon.'

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