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DTRA: New Plans

The DTRA has just released news of its reaction to the UK's never-ending lockdown. Anyone who joined the club for the Indian Motorcycles-supported 2020 season will get free membership for the 2021 season. The first DTRA event will be a practice session due to the uncertainty of lockdown easing. The track hasn't been announced yet. As we understand it, the reason for an unwillingness to go straight into a race is to test social distancing measures and also give rusty racers the chance to get back into the groove, before trophies are on the line.

This is the announcement:

The DTRA had massive plans for the 2020 season everything was in place for the biggest flat track race series that Europe had ever seen. Both the UK and Europe have seen interest in the sport growing over the last few seasons and we are doing everything that we can to make sure this continues.

We have already had to cancel the first two rounds of our 2020 championship series in both UK and Europe, and we are sad to announce we will also need to cancel the third round of the Indian Motorcycle Flat Track Nationals in the UK. Round three was scheduled to take place at Greenfield Dirt Track on the custom-built TT course.

The current situation with Covid-19 has caused major disruption to all sports around the globe, planning is particularly difficult as there is no way to predict when it will be safe to travel and meet to hold events. DTRA race events always feel special and we look forward to welcoming riders from all over Europe to our domestic and European race series. Our 2019 series featured winners from across Europe. With this in mind we have taken the decision to abandon our plans for a 2020 Series Championship.

Over the last few days the UK government have announced a tentative plan for recovery from the current situation. The DTRA and our governing body NORA 92 are working closely together with track owners, to work out a schedule for the remainder of 2020 that will fit with the status for allowable activities.

We are currently planning to stick to as many of the remaining dates in our calendar as possible with a series of one-off race meetings or practice sessions. We are also planning an extra event towards the end of the year to be hosted at Greenfield Dirt Track (weather and government advice permitting). We also have a possibility of an event in Europe during the winter of 2020/21.

The DTRA will continue to update our riders and fans on our plans as we get new information and advice. We have a separate communication for our riders that will explain the situation about race numbers and our plans to roll your championship entry over to the 2021 series.

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May 21, 2020

Ugh...well, at least the organization is communicating and offering a free year’s membership...although, for a guy my age (57 tomorrow) I may not be able to redeem the next year!

Thanks for the update, and I hope to see reports of racing over there, soon.

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