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DTRA Greenfield Finale

It's just one week until the DTRA Finale at Greenfield Dirt Track, Alford, Lincs.

The finale has rider entries from the USA, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Regular Sideburn readers will recognise some of the foreign guests including Anna 'Banana' Serena from Sideburn 52 and Chastin from the cover of SB45. Also Gille from SB53. We have heard rumourss of a special guest AFT rider, too.

One guaranteed guest, who put a smile on so many people's face last year, is the Voice of AFT, Scottie Deubler.

There is racing on both days - Pros and Inters, Hooligans, juniors and electric on Saturday. Thunders, Vintage (all three classes), Minibikes, Rookies on Sunday.

Sunday night is the end of season party and you're invited. Racing is free to spectate, but the organisers ask for anyone who is staying for the party to pay £10 (per family) towards the entertainment (band, mechanical bull and more). The effort that both the DTRA and Greenfield go to is massive, so £10 is next to nothing. Last year was fantastic too.

Get End of Season Party tickets here.

The Anna Serena feature from SB52

Chastin Brand on the cover of SB45. He will be riding in the Vintage class

Gille from SB53, winning at the Greenfield TT last year. Read about his rapid Champion Triumph 750 in Sideburn 53 (now available in the three-issue bundle).


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