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DTRA 2022 Dates

The Dirt Track Riders Association have announced their work in progress schedule for the forthcoming season.

Round 3 and Round 6 dates are provisional the rest are fixed.

Round 1 Greenfield TT, 9-10 April Round 2 MCN Festival Peterborough, 14-15 May Round 3 - Provisional Date may change, 11-12 June Rounds 4 & 5 – Amman Valley, 16-17 July Round 6 – Provisional date may change, 8-9 August (This is a Monday-Tuesday so seems to be an error) Round 7 – Greenfield Oval, 17-18 September

DTRA Hooligan Championship

Round 1 – (Something new we hope) Round 2 and 3 - MCN Festival Peterborough May 14th-15th Round 4 - Provisional date may change June 11th-12th Round 5 - Provisional date may change - 8th-9th August (This is a Monday-Tuesday so seems to be an error) Round 6 - Greenfield Oval 17th -18th September

The DTRA adds 'Alongside the DTRA meetings we are working on a small European Championship and some stand alone races in the UK.

'Our class structure will remain unchanged in 2022 with just the edition of an Evo Vintage class for pre-1985 bikes.

'No control tyres will be required during the 2022 season. We will as always insist that you use proper FT tyres.'

For more details, rules and classes, go to

Photo: DTRA


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