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DSC for SB

Sideburn's formal relationship with DSC/Death Spray Custom/David Gwyther goes back to issue 4, when we featured his 'bones' XS650. He painted our Honda FT500 that was on the cover of issue 6. He created a special section for SB12 and was on the cover. He wrote a regular slot from issue 34 to 41 (which is sorely missed) and has appeared in other slots. Now, finally, FINALLY!, we featured a portfolio of his work a chunky interview with him, conducted by me, the editor.

If you have one aesthetic-appreciating bone in your body, one inquisitive atom in body, you'll love it. So order Sideburn 47.

If you want to check the contents of any Sideburn back issue, go to this very website's Magazine Archive, or the current issue, visit the Latest Issue page.

Photo: Death Spray Custom


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