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DirtQuake: Women's Class Flashback

Photographer Rachel Billings shared these photos, that she shot for Hedon Helmets, earlier this week, and they brought back some great Dirt Quake memories. This was the last one at King's Lynn, the last one the original DQ team had a big hand in organising, but it was after the name had been acquired by North One TV.

We booked the bands, the DJs, and spent some of North One's budget on making a team of life-sized Subbuteo men. We had a Ready, Steady, Cook-themed motorcycle assault course and a paddling pool jump (with a POTUS impersonator in it - Jump the Trump).

All the photos Rachel shared were of women racers. Dirt Quake introduced the women's class for Dirt Quake 2, 2013, and it always sold out.

Thanks for sharing the photos, Rachel. GI

#37 Leah Tokelove - not racing in the Dirt Quake classes, but in the general DTRA classes.


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