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Dirt Diggers '22

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, but things ran away from me. This is what Odgie, one of the organisers, says:

Yes, the Dirt Diggers crew are at it again, with this year’s version of Dirt Diggers, subtly titled #5 Dig For Victory (spot the Roman reference then...?). All the usual fun and frivolity, with classes ranging from Chopper to Inappropriate Road Bike, Dirt Bike to Scooter, as well as full-on competition classes for the fastest flat track bikes in the country. Oh and plus a new class for this year Survival Bike. Think Mad Max meets the Dirt Oval - that should see some very oddball and entertaining creations blasting their way around.

And entertainment is the key to Dirt Diggers. Yes it’s a race, but it’s mainly about having fun, with classes to accommodate just about any bike, a whole bunch of cool and groovy people, and a funky after-party to set the seal on the day. If any event is genuinely about the taking part, this is it.

Dirt Diggers #5 takes place on Saturday the 18th of June, at Scunthorpe Raceway as usual. If you fancy a ride, or you just fancy going along to watch (and trust us, it is an entertaining day), then all event info for entries or advance tickets is at


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