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Deus Got Seoul

It's over 15 years since Deus opened their first shop in Camperdown, Sydney, and set about changing, or at least enhancing, motorcycling.

Late in 2020 DxM opened a new flagship store in South Korea's capital and it looks wonderful, a multi-room mixture of modern architecture peppered with Carby Tuckwell art.

Deus now has a majority Italian ownership, and the company used Milanese architects to design the conversion of the hard-edged industrial building, into a store the company calls the Foundry of Fortuity.

Each DxM flagship has its own unique character, and the Korean store differs with a large high-class bakery. It has a very Northern Italian feel to me, with the polished marble appearance of the wall behind the counter reminding me of high class coffee shops across Italy. Pastry chefs were poached, say Deus, from the world famous Four Seasons Hotel.

Above: Looking in.

Below: Looking out.

The Kawasaki is a W800 built for Deus by Crazy Garage Busan

Longboards and step-thrus

If you're passing, the address is 9-12 Wausan-ro 17-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea


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