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Deus Bombshell

On a recent internet expedition I started reading about Deus Ex Machina's newly-released Bombshell bodykit for the Yamaha MT-07 and XSR700. Plenty of customisers I admire have developed bodykits for the popular twin, including Winston Yeh's Rough Crafts, HookieCo and JvB Moto.

In the write-up I read about the kit, there was reference to an Australian product design company, Vert Design, who helped with the project, and I found two eyecatching renders on their website .

The Bombshell differs from most MT-07 kits because it retains the Yamaha petrol tank, when others demand the use of a smaller than stock fuel cell, hence the Bombshell's somewhat oversized tank cover.

Vert Design say: 'Bike builder Jeremy Tagand from Deus Ex Machina reached out to Vert Design to help with the design of the body hell after having some issues with the fitment of a previous concept model. The bike was stripped down and 3D scanned so there was a digital copy of the frame. Then attention was turned to 3D modeling, where various iterations were quickly mocked up and rendered. The brief was to design a monocoque body that would fit over the Yamaha’s OEM frame and fuel tank, and not resort to cutting or welding the frame for installation, yet have a masculine & organic flow from nose to tail. After testing and validation, the model was then handed off to Sydney Composites for tooling and laying fiberglass.'

The Bombshell kit is available in carbon-fibre or GRP from Deus Ex Machina.

All images: Vert Design


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