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Charity Xmas Quickfall

Sideburn fave, Ryan 'Roadkill' Quickfall has created a Christmas card for bike-based charity, Two Wheels for Life.

The charity says, 'Printed on high quality, thick, glossy card they will look great on your friends and families' mantle pieces this Christmas season.

'Funds raised will help us continue to ensure vital healthcare reaches people in some of the hardest to reach parts of Africa.'

If you're not familiar with the charity, it's closely linked to the MotoGP paddock, and is formerly known as Riders for Health. They raise money to fund motorcycles and medical supplies to areas of Africa to allow medical professionals to ride to remote communities to offer life-saving inoculations and support.

They say, 'The programmes we support operate across Africa in Lesotho, Malawi, Nigeria and The Gambia. Focusing on the single issue of transport for health workers, they address essential but otherwise neglected aspect of health care in Africa.

'Health workers immunise newborns, diagnose disease, educate in nutrition for children, provide preventative measures to combat disease and help for women in dangerous labour. These services must reach the most remote parts of Africa where it is desperately needed. To do this reliable transport is vital.

'In many parts of Africa the terrain is difficult and there is nothing like the network of garages and service centres we rely on in Europe. Transport is haphazard. Vehicles break down, clinics don't get run, tests are delayed, women with complications give birth unaided. And the consequences are deadly.

'The programmes we support ensure that health workers are able to use motorcycles and other vehicles that are appropriate for the terrain. They are trained to ride and maintain their vehicles regularly and given access to the fuel and clothing they need to do their jobs reliably and safely.'

To buy yours, or support in other ways, go to: Two Wheels for Life


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