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CELINE Cosmic Cruisers

CELINE, formerly Céline, is a French fashion brand founded in 1945, and now owned by the LVMH Conglomerate (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy, which owns dozens of drink, fashion, watch, even yacht companies).

I glimpsed a clip of the film above, with the FMX riders, and investigated further. The 14-minute film is an imaginative Covid-era take on the traditional catwalk show, the company parading its next season clobber for industry buyers and customers. If you're not into the clothes, and on these models they remind me too much of sullen, 1980s Huddersfield goths to hold my attention, then the set and some of the FMX shots, especially in the woods, are worth a look. The matt black jump cum catwalk looks fantastic. The location is stunning too. The film was shot in Île du Grand Gaou, near Toulon in the South of France. It has had over one million views.

The clothes and overall look were overseen by CELINE's head of clobber and image, Hedi Slimane. He's formerly of Dior Homme and other fashion brands, and is credited with encouraging men to start wearing skinny jeans again, a decade or so ago (blame him for horror of tubby townies in skintight jeggings). The Cosmic Cruiser look, highlighted in the film, is anti-skinny silhouette and it's what you'll all be wearing in two years when the high street catches on (mark my words).

It's worth waiting for Next to do the sparkly crewneck, because CELINE's prices are a tad salty. This oversized, sleeveless leather jacket is £3350.

This sleeveless T-shirt is described as 'LOOSE “COSMIC CRUISER” VEST TOP WITH PRINT IN COTTON JERSEY' and is 325 of your British pounds.

If you like that sleeveless Tee, perhaps we can interest you in our just remade Sideburn Beast T-shirt, for a more reasonable £23 plus post. It's screen-printed in the UK on an 100% organic cotton shirt. We can charge you £230 if it'll make you like it more. You'll have to cut the sleeves off yourself.


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