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Bronson B joins Fastrack KTM

Bronson Bauman has confirmed he will compete the 2023 season on the Fastrack Racing KTM 890. The team is owned by Arney and Amy Wick, and have worked with Latus Motors Racing in recent seasons, contributing to both James Rispoli’s 2020 Mission Production Twins championship and Kody Kopp’s 2021 Rookie of the Year campaign.

The team have already tested at Perris, CA. Bronson is quoted saying, 'To be honest, this is one of the most exciting seasons in years. I am surrounded by people who truly believe in me and my capabilities and only want success for me and the team. I got to work with Arney, Amy and Matt during the '22 season, so we all are very familiar with one another and know how each other operates. Everyone involved is aware it will be a bit of a learning curve with these bikes, but we are up for the challenge. We have seen the great success of this motorcycle and plan to add to that success during the 2023 season.'

The official press release photo (above) shows Bronson with Kenny Roberts, but didn't explain what, if any, his involvement might be.

News of this KTM effort comes on the back of our recent reports of Jesse Janisch joining the Wally Brown KTM team. It sounds from the little officially released, that the team with run 890s, as they are allowed, but if they continue with KTM engines, they'll have to change to 790s for subsequent seasons, due to scheduled rule changes.

The younger of the two Bauman brothers finished the 2019 season in the Top 3, and won his first, and so far, only top flight race, when he was with Indian factory team. He followed it up with fifth overall in 2020, but hasn't managed to reach those heights in subsequent seasons.

Fastrack posted this photo with the caption 'Finally…the last major piece of the puzzle in completing bike number 3.'

Photos courtesy of Fastrack Racing.


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