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Brelsford on the 750 Triple

Scott Brelsford shared this photo with us today. He's racing the Erv Kanemoto Champion-framed Kawasaki H2R 750 two-stroke. The bike he's racing against is a far more famous 750 two-stroke, and I'm pretty sure it's at Indy (UPDATE: It's not, its the main at San Jose). We interviewed Scott about the triple he raced and have a blueprint feature, drawn by Mick Ofield, of the Kawasaki in Sideburn 42. Brelsford shares what it was like racing the big two-stroke before Kenny Roberts' infamous, 'They don't pay me enough to race that thing' comment helped consign these bikes to history, sadly, it turns out, for Brelsford's career prospects. Find out all about it in Sideburn 42.

In this photo, they're both filled in with roost, despite the track looking like it has a freeway-wide blue groove, perhaps signalling that they must have been way up by the bales looking for grip and retaining as much corner speed as possible to make their straight-line speed pay dividends against the superior off-the-turn grunt of the XR750s.

Photo: unknown


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