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Boyd's Of Bedford

I have wondered, for the last few years, if the indie moto shop boom had bust, but I've seen a few shops opening recently, while others have closed, so perhaps this is way things will continue, not a boom a bust but more of an ebb and flow. Be sure that if you like the idea of these kind of places existing that you do your best to support them. They don't run on fresh air and instagram posts.

One of the good news stories is Boyd's of Bedford. It's run by a married couple, Tom and Jessica. The shop has recently moved from a town centre location to a new unit in farmland between Bedford and Northampton, in a tangle of country lanes.

The sell coffee and food, and stock well-known brands likes Biltwell, Saint, Bike Shed, Rusty Butcher, their own merch and more, plus they stock Sideburn magazine.

See more by clicking Boyd's of Bedford

Address: Kingsbourne Farm Wick End, Unit 8 Kinsbourne Farm, Bedford MK43 8TS

See our stockist page for a full list of our current dealers.

Jessica and Tom. Nice floor!

Clobber from Saint, makers of the world's toughest denim

Smattering of #RustyButcher merch

Loads of pocket money purchases available

Tom's little Honda, retired because he looked like a circus bear on it.

Yamaha SR bobber

Open all hours

Toilet decor is excellent


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