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Biltwell: Operation Numbnuts

We have been fans of Biltwell for close to 15 years now. They make a bunch of affordable gear, and don't limit themselves to one area of motorcycling, despite choppers probably being their first love. They put on a ton of events in Southern California and beyond, collaborate with different companies, do a load for charity, including military veterans, and children's charities in Mexico, a region they ride to regularly.

They race too, and they organise races, like the Biltwell 100, out in the Californian desert.

One of their most recent expeditions was nicknamed Operation Numbnuts, and saw them ride up through Alaska. A bunch of staff and friends took a mix of their own old Harleys, and a handful of new Pan American loaner bikes. Above is the company's co-founder, Bill Bryant, on his 1957 Flathead. Under his tyres is the Dalton Highway, famous from the Ice Truckers TV show, a route that scared the Bejesus out of the some of the riders on the trip. We feature Operation Numbnuts in the latest issue, Sideburn 51.

Below is episode 1 of the video diary of the trip.


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