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Bike Shed Show 3: The People

The looooooong-awaited final instalment of the Bike Shed 2022 show report blogs.

Now the people. So many familiar and friendly faces, but we only took a few photos.

Above is Mr And Mrs Coste with the Double Six Trackmaster Triumph Dimitri has raced in the DTRA.

Me (Sideburn editor) with Mr Bike Shed, Dutch. Mrs Bike Shed was probably fighting a fire somewhere. The whole of BSMC put on a cracking, world class show. Sideburn was at the very first and we're honoured to still be a part of it.

There's a lot going on here, but I love it. That's Foxy, being taxi'd around in a baby papoose. The camera is, I think, a fancy Leica M-system, and the joy abounding is due to finding the SB x Maxwell Paternoster Sideways patch and pin. Bottom left is How to Build a Motorcycle. You should buy a copy if you don't already own it. I wrote it.

Rocking the Fanghead T-shirt!

Mike from Project Pit Stop, an organisation that is reminding people who might be feeling down, that they're not the only one. Look after your mental health.

A couple of drunk aunties called by the stand.

Lola Blackheart couldn't resist the SB x Maxwell Sideways pin either. Check out the SB x Lola Blackheart T-shirt. Someone just out of shot is snapping up some of our ever popular Sideburn vinyl rub-on stickers.

The DTRA's, Super Anthony Brown went full bosozoku terminator.

Stylish Silvia and Rudy brightening the place up.

Talking of style, this happy customer bought one of our very rare, handmade leather belts, to match her Red Wings. The belts are made by Jason, you know, the guy who has had more bikes in Sideburn than anyone else?

By the way, check out the back wheel in that Indian. Phwoarr!

Sideburn 35 cover star (and dirt tracker) Steph with fiancee, and 2022 DTRA Pro Champ, Gary Birtwistle. Lots of podiums in this photo, and they're not all Gary's.

Sighting of a very rare See See x Fox T-shirt. That was one cool collab.

No idea who this fella was, but I fully endorse this get-up.

Sideburn reader Kai recently began working for Royal Enfield, in Europe. He rode to London from Berlin on an Enfield, then got the company's motto inked onto his arm at the show. They can't sack him now, right?

The two-tone outfits of these pair make perfect sense, as the geezer is cult photographer and black and white photo enthusiast, Tony Davis. Check out his work at Tony Davis Archive

These brothers started following Sideburn when they lived in India and I loved how excited they were to meet up now they're living in England.

In the foreground, is Leah's S&S-powered Indian FTR 1200 hooligan with its Indian Artist Series tank cover by Adam Turman.

Talking of Leah, Sideburn shared its booth with the DTRA, meaning Leah and Jake were on hand helping out all weekend.

Faces on 'em! From left-to-right: UK alt-bike royalty, Johnny Morales; Miss Marnie Brinkworth (remember her street legal grasstracker from SB27?); Leftie from Sudo Cycles, whose killer Co-Built Rotax was in SB42, and his incredible XR750 was on our stand; me looking something like Colonel Tom Parker; Ross Sharp - builder of the radical Yamaha MT-07 Wasp framer SB37 cover bike.

Great event, in a memorable location, with fantastic bands, great organisation, interesting traders and, so far, always good weather. If you haven't been, what are you waiting for?

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Sep 01, 2022

Spat out my drink @ the CTP comment.

Fun night by the looks.

Keep posting.... this blog must live!

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