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AFT Season Finale Pointers

The AFT season finale is this weekend. We boil down the details.


Four SuperTwins riders are separated by 22 points going into this weekend's Volusia Half-Mile double-header. With 25 points available for Friday and the same for Saturday, plenty could happen.


1 Jared Mees - IND - 261pts

32 Dallas Daniels - YAM - 245pts

95 JD Beach - YAM - 243pts

3 Briar Bauman - IND - 239pts

Multiple time, and current champ Mees has a 16pt advantage over super-rookie Dallas Daniels.

This will be the third race of the 2022 season at Volusia, the season opener was won by Briar, with his brother, Bronson, in second; Beach third, then Daniels and Mees in 5th. At 22pts behind Briar seems out of the hunt, but I can also see him riding with freedom and winning both days.

Dallas Daniels must be dreaming of a Rookie championship win, but in reality this weekend is a free hit for him. For all his incredible talent few people could have thought he would be a close second in the championship going into the final two rounds. He came third at this track, in his debut SuperTwins race. How well can he go with a year's more experience? And his team mate, Beach, is just two points behind. I can't imagine Estenson are going to enforce team rules on day one, but if either Yamaha rider wins the first day, surely they will work together to try win the title for that rider the next day.

Even with a 16pt cushion there is massive pressure on Mees, especially to get it done on day 1. This has been a rain-plagued season. It's feasible that one day might get rained out, but, thankfully the chance of rain seems minimal according to weather reports the day before the race. If anyone can take the pressure it's Jared Mees. He's won it all in his career and rarely seems to crack in the big moments.

Of course, Brandon Robinson might gobble up the big points, making it trickier for the chasers to overhaul Mees' lead. Let's hope it's a clean race. There have been some questionable moves this season.


Only two riders in this title fight, with Vance & Hines Harley rider Jesse Janisch 9pts ahead of G&G Yamaha's Cory Texter. There are a ton of permutations, but if Cory wins both races and he's champ, stopping Janisch claiming his first AFT title. This is Texter's final AFT weekend as a rider.


Kody Kopp is already confirmed 2022 champ, but Brunner, Mischler, Gauthier and Whale are stacked up behind.

Tickets for the race are available through

You can watch the race, anywhere in the world, using the pay-per-view


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