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Advertiser Profile: Yamafia

Our friend, and SB32 cover star, Lucia Aucott recently launched Yamafia, a company producing eye-catching race and casual clothing. She chose to advertise in Sideburn and we wanted to introduce the company, so we sent Lucia a few questions.

Yamafia is brand new, who are the people behind it, where's it based?

There’s three of us. Lookey designs all of our products. Chezsa is in charge of production and I'm in charge of the UK and European market.

Lookey and Chezsa run St. Luke, what can you tell us about that company?

As a brand St. Luke has been established for about five years. It was started by Lookey and Chezsa after they got fed up working for big brands. Since then they have made their own apparel, focusing on making it look fun. St. Luke clothing is produced in the hand-made sector. Our focus is on quality, so our staff are paid 10-20 times more than other manufacturing staff. We pay higher wages than the big brands.

Is Yamafia always going to import and sell St Luke's clothing or do you have other plans?

St. Luke is part of Yamafia, so we will always be working very closely. We already have a Yamafia range of clothing and we have lots of plans for the future. At the moment we are working on our own pants, so we can make full kits. It's very exciting and exhausting .

What exclusive items does Yamafia sell that St Luke's don't?

We have a few different products for the UK/EU market that aren’t available in the Indonesian market and vice versa.

Where are the items designed and made?

Everything is made in Indonesia, where Lookey and Chezsa are based. Lookey designs everything and Chezsa monitors the quality. I’m based in the English Midlands, responsible for promotion and distribution across the UK and Europe.

There seems to be a strong sense of humour with the brand, like the McDonald's shirt, can you explain about that​ attitude?

We always try to bring some fun into our designs, whether that is by reviving the golden 'On Any Sunday' era of motorcycling or playing around with memories - we aim to be eye-catching and make you smile.

What's your favourite item?

It's really hard to pick just one, but the McDonalds top always make me smile.

Does the brand have any ambassadors?

We are slowly building our ambassador portfolio. But we have started with the very talented and young, UK flat track racer, Erin Dyer (above). She encompasses our brand values: mainly to have fun.

What are you hopes and plans for the future of​ Yamafia?

Just to keep having fun with it and see where it takes us...


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