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Advertiser Profile: 5Special

We first ran into 5Special at Wheels and Waves and now they're an advertiser in the magazine. We also featured Lucia's trusted kit, in Sideburn 42's Racewear. We asked Lucia (above) a few questions about the 5Special.

Who are 5Special?

We are a small company, brother and sister, Sito and Lucía, from the Galician coast, Spain.

Sito (below) is a professional in the motor sector, off-road driving instructor. Lucia is a marketing manager, fashion and web designer. Our brand was born in 2016, when we brought our two working worlds together.

5special is our way of understanding motorcycles and off-road cars, it is not just a vehicle, it is everything that surrounds it.

All of our projects have a mission and an adventure ahead of them, otherwise nothing would make sense, neither our motorcycles nor our clothes.

We are faithful to our idea of ​​making this world a better place, because every day must count. We created 5Special because we don't like the standards, the entire project process is done by us. We have our own style. All our creations tell stories and for this, we travel throughout Europe sharing what we like, motorcycles, cars, surfing, music… We like how things were done before, but with today's needs, we re-invent the classics.

We manufacture clothes and genuine racing parts with best quality and in small local companies, with sustainable materials or remnants of stocks. Because when you wear 5special you wear adventure, epic moments and legends. We want our products to be inherited by your children.

Where are you based?

Our workshop is hidden between Tui and Vigo, Northwest Spain.

Is 5Special your only business or do you also work day jobs?

5Special is the captain of everything. But we do have other lines of work. Sito is a tourist guide and also a hunter of motorised treasure. Is Lucia freelance in graphic and e-commerce web designer. Together we organize events. We are never still.

Where did the name come from?

Because 5 is our racing number, and also everything you put a number on becomes Racing.

Special is our passion for unique vehicles, traveling to different places where there is always an adventure to live.

What is the motorcycle scene like in your area of Spain?

In Galicia the main thing is trail and enduro free routes, and some small flat track evetns.

We are also very fortunate to live near Portugal because we can cross and attend authentic events as we like, dirt tracks where ‘vale tudo' (eveything is allowed).

How has Covid changed the way you operate?

It is a different year, but we have been able to work on other projects that we would not have had the time for, so we have not stopped, but we had to change the way we worked. We live in a moment where change is important and that is what we have done. As 5Special we keep escaping, creating new products and staying true to ourselves. Because Legends Keep Riding.

Do you have stockists or do you only sell directly?

In addition to selling directly in our online store, we have some stockists in Spain and Portugal. Our idea is to look for some more in 2021.

What bikes do you own?

OK, let’s go!

1976 Honda Elsinore CR125

1980 Yamaha IT 425 “SuperBiker”

1976 Yamaha XS 650 “Metisse”

1977 Yamaha RD Torque Induction

BMW R100 GS “BajaBike”

GSXR 400 GK76 “PEPSI” 93´

1987 Honda CBR600 Hurricane USA Edition

1980 Suzuki TS125 “Enduro”

Yamaha 250TT “SableTracker”

2015 Yamaha WR450 Kit JVO ex-Dakar

Monkey Dax 70 “FunBike”

What are your favourite events to attend or support?

We like authentic, dynamic events, with audiences from all countries, where we can exchange ideas. The wilder the track the more fun it is. You can check our Motor Festival Map there are almost all of them.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

We hardly ever have a plan. We think that it is part of the personality of our brand, things emerge to us through lived experience. We don't like being locked up. But we are currently launching a new line of outdoor clothing, something special as we like it, with personality and handmade.

Also, before Covid, we were organizing an adventure event "The Motor Legends" that we hope to do in 2021.


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