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25: The number of AFT rounds since an Indian FTR750 didn't win the premier class race. The last non-Indian rider to win a national was JD Beach, on the Estenson Yamaha MT-07, at the Buffalo Chip TT, on 4 August 2019. That was the race that Jake Johnson was leading when his bike lost power within sight of the line and JD overtook him, winning by 0.2s, for a unique Estenson Yamaha Twins 1-2.

Since Beach's win, five different riders have won on Indians.

Jared Mees - 11

Briar Bauman - 9

Brandon Robinson - 3

Jeffrey Carver - 1

Sammy Halbert - 1

Will Indian sweep the year, like they did in 2020 - the only year they've managed to win every race since they debuted full-time in 2017, or can someone cause an upset (because that's what it would be)?

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Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
Mar 17, 2021

Eh... who cares anymore? Seriously, unless of course someone DOES win on something else! I don't intend this as demeaning toward Indian, it's simply the XR story all over again. The emphasis is now re-focused on the riders. And THAT's good right?

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