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AFT has secured a non-bike industry sponsor for the the 2021 SuperTwins class and reintroduced a mouthwatering element of race day.

Founded in America, Mission Foods are makers of tortillas, tortilla chips, flatbreads, and other baked products, and sponsors fo McLaren Racing, in F1 and Indy cars, plus field sports teams in the US and Australia.

The announcement of a new sponsor doesn't normally warrant a post on the Sideburn blog, but the added interest here is that Mission Foods will also put up $5000 for the winner of a four-lap '2Fast2Tasty' Dash for Cash. The Dash will be contested at each round, for the riders who qualify for the front row, which is now four riders. Pro Dash for Cash races have been traditionally the fastest four qualifiers. Instead, this will be riders who came first and second in their semis.

The updated AMA Pro/ AFT rulebook states:

Once final grid positions for the AFT SuperTwins Main have been set, the top 4 riders will be seeded into the Dash for Cash. If any of those riders are unable to participate in the Dash for Cash, additional riders will be added to the grid according to their starting positions in the Main.

The finishing order from the Dash for Cash will not influence starting positions for the Main.

The season starts at Volusia Half-Mile on Friday 12 March.


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