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Updates from the DTRA

It is very difficult for us to set dates at a time we would like as the speedway tracks do not agree fixtures until January or sometimes February. We would really like to have firm dates well before that. We like to try to give people as much notice as possible to plan the year so we are able to share a DRAFT TIMETABLE for the 2023 season (with a warning that ONLY the dates in Bold are confirmed and the other dates are requested and not yet agreed)

April 15/16 May 13/14 MCN Festival (May not include all classes) June 10/11 Greenfield TT July 15/16 Amman Valley 1/2 Mile August 19/20 Sept 30/1 Oct Greenfield Oval and season finale

We have one further date to announce that will fall in May or Sept and will be related to an additional meeting added to the schedule. Sorry this is still a little vague but we will update you all as soon as we have firm dates for the remaining events.

Technical rule updates We have two main changes to our technical rule book for 2023.

1) The lower limit of engine size for the twins class is changed to 600cc.

2) We will be trialing the use of front brakes for the Inter, Pro and Mini Stock class at the TT this year in June.


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