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Sideburn Goes Off The Groove

The world's only flat track podcast, Off The Groove, had me, Sideburn's editor, on as a guest for episode number 107 of this weekly pod. Hosted by Scottie Deubler, the voice of American Flat Track, and produced by Chris Carter, who fell in love with the sport when he started working on TV production for the FansChoice, the show has one, sometimes two guests a week. They've interviewed everyone involved with the sport from the top riders, plus team owners, mechanics, Michael Lock of AFT, plus Anthony of the DTRA. Perhaps they had run out, but I was still flattered to be offered an interview and things happened pretty quickly. Being interviewed on Friday, only a few hours before an edited version of the interview, with Scottie and Carter's intro, was available for download.

We covered how and why I started racing, my first race as a spectator and a racer; the UK scene; Dirt Quake; AFT SuperTwins and more.

You can download through your smartphone, search for Off The Groove, or listen online via this Off The Groove soundcloud link.

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