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The Joy of Blogs

From 2008 to, I guess, 2012 or 2013, motorcycle blogs were such an important corner of the emerging new landscape of motorcycling. Ideas and experiences shared in a very different way to the prevailing Instagramification of motorcycle social media that is almost completely image led and all on the surface with none of the stories that blogs used to share. Sideburn posted a blog everyday for years on end, and continue to blog now, of course.

I know this might sound like someone longing for the good old days of exactly seven years ago, but it was brought home by a chance landing on Buddy Customs blog and reading the translated posts about a visit to Wheels and Waves. Buddy Custom, run by Kazuo Fukuda, first featured on the old Sideburn blog back in December 2012. Kazuo is a big part of the Have Fun!! Japanese flat track scene we featured in SB36. That's him above in the Sideburn goggles.

Discover the joy of blogs (again) by visiting Buddy Custom Cycles.

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