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Racer Raglan Shirt

This shirt has had a strange gestation. 71 Speedster designed it to mimic the Sideburn x Biltwell goggles, but the design feel through a crack and was forgotten for months. It was designed as a race shirt, but we don't make those too often, so I thought it could be a baseball style shirt. There is only one available in the UK with full length sleeves (not 3/4 sleeves that this kind of design normally has) and we managed to find a stock of them.

Then the printer screwed up 30% of the delivery by printing one of the sleeves the wrong way up, so it means we only have 35 for sale. And we only have M, L and XL.

Go to Racer Raglan if you want one. £26 plus post.

Chest and sleeve prints. Printed in the UK.

100% cotton

Chest (to fit): M - 38/40 L - 41/43 XL - 44/46

Thanks to Leonie for modelling & Jasmine for the photo.

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