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XS650 Street Tracker For Sale

Kev sent this through this bike for sale on UK eBay, but I've only just got back from Nepal to post it. Only a day to go but the phone number is on the advert. The sale is nothing to do with us. Buyer beware and all that. This is what the ad says (I haven't corrected the typos)...

Pro built engine all new 277 re phased crank. new barrels and pistons, high lift cams, valve gear new tensioner etc . head ported and flowed,new clutch and hydraulic clutch slave. new oil pump and spin off oil filter conversion, starter motor removed and gears for more oil in sump, all new seals and gaskets,new round slide 34mm mikuni carbs foam filters. ceramic coated exhaust, new silencers with removable baffles new pamco electronic ignition. dyna mini coils .new reg rectifier and wiring all under seat with lithium battery engine.test run only needs running in. new betor shocks.forks serviced new seals progressive springs etc.fastec frork brace holding custom steering head bearings new needle roller swing arm bearings, all stainless bolts throughout and nylocks new 19; wheels and stainless spokes new tyres. chain and sprockets hidden low and main beam headlights behind custom alloy number board , original 70s cross bar pad. new brakes practically new everything or reconditioned,there are a few chips on paintwork and nicks in chrome on forks. kickstart only. mot exempt but was tested when first finished.

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