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Medellin Gravity Bikers

I saw the photos above on the UK news site The Guardian, and it obviously reminded me of my beloved flat track. The Guardian wrote, 'Estiven Hurtado [below] is an avid gravity cyclist and has lived in Vallejuelos his whole life. “We live for gravity biking here,” he says, lugging his modified bike behind him, emblazoned with the visage of the drug lord Pablo Escobar, Medellín’s most infamous son. “It’s a way of life for anyone who lives up in the communes.”

The article linked to the short BBC documentary below. In it, another of the Colombian riders, Marlon, sums the dilemma many amateur racers face, and struggle with, as best he can in the time given.

Photos: Joaquín Sarmiento/AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian

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