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They all look the same, right?

Eagle-eyed Sideburn contributing photographer, Ed Subias spotted something hokey with an official Indian T-shirt. Somethings had changed, some had remained. IT bugged him till he could get online to check.

Ed is a photographer with some kind of photographic memory and was sure he remembered the original photo. His internet search confirmed it. The rider was Bryan Smith, from around eight years ago, when Smith was a Harley-Davidson rider! The Screaming Eagle logo on Smith's leather is still visible, below the photoshopped Indian branding. (Screaming Eagle is H-D's official bolt-on tuning parts line.)

Oops, but it's not the first time something like this has happened. Back in 2013 Harley took out an advert in a US motorcycle trade magazine thanking their dealers. They used an historic image of a flat track racer to show one branch of their roots. Except it wasn't one of the hundreds of fearless golden era Harley riders, it was Gary Scott on a Triumph.

If any manufacturers would like Sideburn to research any photos for them, our rates would be very reasonable...

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