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Brad Pitt (The Sideburn Connection)

This month's US edition of GQ magazine has a cover story interview with actor Brad Pitt. The leading men's style magazine yet again reanimated the corpse of Steve McQueen by having Pitt dressed like McQueen once did, sat on a motorcycle. GQ needed a bike as a prop, and rather than going the easy route and using a modern Triumph Scrambler, they tracked down Hayden Roberts of Hello Engine, who is one of the leading authorities on 1960s desert racers, and borrowed the TR6/B Hayden can be seen jumping on the cover of Sideburn 34.

Hayden's wife, Joy, has also featured in Sideburn. She was one in our regular Racewear spot in Sideburn 35. Joy replicated the original McQueen photo, in her own style, that GQ copied for the Pitt shoot.

Read all about the wonderful desert racer, the real thing, in Sideburn 34.




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