Jason is coming to Nepal in October. Here is an email on his preparation.

You do not have to have any inoculations to enter Nepal. If my wife hadn’t have looked into it, I’d probably not even thought about it. I had Tetanus, Hepatitis A/B and Typhoid inoculations and if I’d have gone with Nurse Pessimistic pants, I’d have had a shit load more. The nurse had a list, a very long list of diseases which I will for certainly catch. To accompany each disease, a macabre story. 'Rabies, you’ve heard of that?' Er yeah. 'A woman went to Morocco and got licked by a cat and died of rabies.' Hmm, OK. But would the jab stop me getting rabies? It doesn't, but it does give you an extra hour of protection. Wahoo, my last dying moment, frothing at the mouth, barking at the moon, lasts a whole extra hour. And only £160!

'Hepatitis, you have to be careful, take precautions, got to protect yourself.' With this she leaned in towards me and lifted her eyebrows knowingly. Despite the knowing look I was left uncertain how I’ll actually catch hepatitis. Is she advising I buy a gun or a rubber Johnny? 'Typhoid, that’s another one that will kill you, caught by eating salad.' Now you’re talking my language, Ha! I knew it all along, salad is bad for you.

Having been stabbed multiple times in the arms and filled with goodness knows what I’m not so sure I’d recommend you have any. My arms ache like frig, I’m certainly not capable of riding a motorcycle. I can hear her now, 'Unable to steer his motorcycle, he rode straight off a cliff and was killed to death.'

So I had three injections and I’m fully protected against scabby prostitutes and salad. Two things that I tend to avoid anyway. Brilliant. But I suppose you never know, I could take fancy to fingering a monkey while eating some celery. I am on holiday after all.

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