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The Corner Siren’s Call: A Poem

Time to tame her

Sitting on the framer

Counting down the time

Waiting on the line

Twitchy Spidey sense

Body taught and tense

Everything is slo mo

Then GO, GO, GO,

Fire up the bottle

Haul back the throttle

Out of the gate

Looking down the straight

Expunge all your fears

Shift a couple of gears

See the line in your head

Through the needle we thread

Tip over and hold her

Feel it in the shoulder

The corner siren calling

Look on her: enthralling

Her desire to sate

Hot shoe takes the weight

Insatiable apex

Many shipwrecks

The sacrifice to accept?

Risk the gift is kept

Power out the slide

Retain ones pride

Line up and fire

Embolden heart’s desire

Thrill fills the till

There is no other pill

The insatiable corner’s calling

Everything else in life? Stalling

Go fast, turn left

The unquenchable quest

A poem by Jamie Hibbard

Photo: Ollie Brindley by Scott Toepfer

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